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Oberösterreich – a province in the north of Austria, bordering Germany and the Czech Republic. A true cultural landscape awaits you in the picturesque capital city of Linz. Amidst modern works of art, the Danube flows and creates a cozy atmosphere at any time of day.


Salzburg County is one of the most beautiful and diverse regions in all of Austria. The natural environment with impressive mountain landscapes in combination with historic castles, fortresses and the modern cities offer a perfect destination for tourists.


Vienna is not only the federal capital of Austria, but also known worldwide for culture, architecture and art. As one of the most livable cities in the world, Vienna convinces with charm and numerous culinary experiences. This also includes the very special Viennese coffee house culture.


Niederösterreich represents the largest federal state in Austria. It is located on the Danube and has numerous types of landscape and fertile soil ideal for growing wine. So it’s hardly surprising that Lower Austria is all about enjoyment, which of course includes the finest coffee.


In the west of Austria is the province of Tyrol, known for its ski resorts, historical sites and folk customs that are popular all over the world. The capital Innsbruck, surrounded by mountains, is characterized by the baroque Hofburg and the gothic Hofkirche and is a popular city for many tourists – of course, coffee should not be neglected.